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Ghost Shards: Adventure is a stealth/puzzle game where you control a 10-year-old girl trying to break into her father's laboratory.


  • Hide and sneak - avoid guards and adults by crawling, wall hugging, and tip-toeing across the mansion
  • Mini games - race against your sisters and play a card game with your brother
  • Book Sequence - live your favorite story while your mother reads it to you


  • Switching between Aelina & Axyn - one can't continue until the other does something or vice versa
  • Extended opening - includes more story contest and a new fun mini game
  • Pause menu - includes a scrapbook full of notes, an inventory and options
  • Saving - because we all have lives
  • A more elaborate mansion - for more exploration, but with helpful rewards
  • Polished graphics - removal of placeholder images, original graphics, etc.


Ghost Shards Adventure.zip 366 MB

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